In the south of Turin, the town of Nichelino, together with the ownership, has created favourable conditions for a new and futuristic industrial development, Spazio Vernea.

At the end of 2016 the Municipal Administration and the Territorial Employers Associations have initiated a positive and practical dialogue on matters of development and strategic vision of the area.

The goals for the next three years for Nichelino are looking at the future with efficient activities in the field of taxation and technological innovation, and managing everyday life with stable maintenance interventions; in a practical and structured dialogue with the companies of the territory, Nichelino proposes to promote the economic development of the area.

1,600 companies work in the municipality of Nichelino: 22.3% specialised in the manufacturing industry, around which many related activities operate, 12.4% catering services, 11% business services, 9.7% transportation and logistic services.

Nichelino is not just a “Town that actively involves its citizens“, it is also a prolific industrial and commercial district, characterised by the wealth produced by the companies that have been operating in the area for years such as the local occupation of high-skilled workers, the excellence of production and significant investments in technology, in a transport-friendly hub and in a dense concentration of large commercial poles.

Spazio Vernea is the opportunity to share the vision of the future proposed by the Town of Nichelino.



Spazio Vernea is an industrial area of ​​40,000 m2

Immediately available to accommodate new relevant industrial sites
Proposed at extremely favourable economic conditions (55 euros / m2 negotiable)
in a strategic location
already completely urbanised

Spazio Vernea is a countercurrent action where the Town of Nichelino offers:

Tax concessions

with important benefits for the purchase of the entire lot, including exemption from the payment of IUC (IMU, TASI, TARI) for the first three years

Ultra-wide band

a fiber-laying project will be shortly built to facilitate a high-profile connection for the companies.

One-stop shop

for companies able to properly respond to bureaucratic demands

Maintenance of the industrial areas

with the allocation of 200,000 € / year for the next three years



10042, Nichelino
Corso Vittime del Lavoro
TO, Italia




+39 011/6819681